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Some thoughts on JavaScript

I don’t know about you, but I grew up doing image rollovers in JS and other groundbreaking “dhtml” stuff. Since then CSS has evolved, web standards and browsers have evolved, and things are much much nicer than before.

One thing that is starting to change is the way we fundamentally approach javascript. Not simply the recent popularity of libraries such as jQuery, allowing us to literally “change the way we write javascript”, but also there’s now much more awareness of the power that javascript has, and we’re doing more mission-critical stuff with JS. We’re moving from favouring simple procedural snippets of javascript that add twinkles to the page to fully object oriented JS applications, exporting great swathes of functionality away from the servers and onto the client.

This is a great thing. In fact it’s little short of a miracle; the servers are running faster and so are the clients! There seems to be no trade-off; by deeply integrating JavaScript into our web applications we’ve gained speed at both ends!

Not quite though.

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Super Useful Web Dev Tools

OMG, it’s been a whole month since my last update.

I have draft posts about all kinds of Good Stuffâ„¢, but none are quite publishable yet. So today I’m just going to point you at a few great resources I use all the time while doing my web development magic:

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Break out of infinite alert() popups!

How many times have you been developing in javascript and said “I’ll just pop it in an alert”, alt-tab, refresh and then the sudden sinking feeling as you realise that you’re about to get 300 alert popups?

Damn! Now you have to sit there and press OK a bajillion times, or restart the browser – which is a pain because you’ll lose all your tabs, and more importantly you’ll lose your concentration while you load everything up again.

We’ve all been there. But recently I found a neat little trick to break out of infinite javascript alert loops in firefox:

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Firefox Extensions

Firefox has been a massively innovative browser; bringing tabbed browsing and plugins to the masses. Here I list what I consider to be essential firefox plugins (aka extensions). This list is quite old now and some of these have been incorporated into firefox. I’ll be writing an updated list soon, in the meantime, let me know in the comments what extensions/plugins/tweaks and hacks you love!

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Firefox/IE Bookmarklets / Favelets

A few javascript bookmarklets I’ve written which will enhance your browser; eg enable right click, edit cookie, hide/show images etc. Neat little browser hacks / tweaks!

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Free PHP Scripts / Web Projects

Various PHP projects of mine, with free GPL source code.

Mostly, these are small PHP/mySQL applications that provide an equally small piece of functionality. Source code is available under the GPL in most cases. Read the rest of this entry »

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