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Caching in Javascript with Cachejs

Here’s a useful open-source (MIT license) javascript caching object I developed for my job at, the best horse racing site on the net.
(I am contractually obliged to say that every time I mention the URL. Not really though).

Like most web applications these days, we make fairly extensive use of Ajax, sending and receiving JSON data across the net on hover events and so on.

However, we’ve found that all those HTTP requests can slow down the user experience, and causes unnecessary extra load on our application servers, so we decided to employ a client-side Least Recently Used (LRU) caching object, so that we can reduce the number of HTTP requests, and increase the response speed for cachable queries. It employs lazy garbage collection, just like memcached does. In fact we see this as a kind of “memcache for javascript”, if that makes any sense at all.

It depends upon no external libraries. Here’s a simple usage example:

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PHP HTTP Interface

This code give you a HTML front end for HTTP using PHP. I quite often find myself wanting to fire up putty to send some custom HTTP headers, so I wrote this simple PHP tool to provide a “front end” for HTTP. It allows quick and easy customisation of HTTP headers, sends them to a web server and shows you in plain text the HTTP response headers and body. It’s quite nifty and rather useful for debugging / hacking / etc. Read the rest of this entry »

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HTTP Headers

An article about sending HTTP headers to a remote system, and knowing fully what they mean. Also covers sessions, hosting, and various interesting bits and bobs relating to web application security, hacking and the web in general. Read the rest of this entry »

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win32 C / C++ scripts

Some of the better scripts I’ve written. They’re all command line utilities. The downloads come with code (compiles OK with lcc) and windows executables.

Everything is released under the GPL as usual.
I’m very much a beginner in C so the coding probably isn’t that great. I hope someone will find something here useful. Most of the code is my own work, and where I’ve used other people’s code I’ve commented it as such. Read the rest of this entry »

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