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Three Neat JavaScript Tips

JavaScript is a great language. It really can power your entire web stack from animated effects on the frontend to ajax calls for faster user experiences, to backend JSON APIs written in NodeJS. It’s been called the language of the web before, and never has it been more true than now.

I’d like to share some little techniques I’ve picked up which make your life easier as a professional JavaScript developer. Actually the first two are applicable to many languages.
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Break out of infinite alert() popups!

How many times have you been developing in javascript and said “I’ll just pop it in an alert”, alt-tab, refresh and then the sudden sinking feeling as you realise that you’re about to get 300 alert popups?

Damn! Now you have to sit there and press OK a bajillion times, or restart the browser – which is a pain because you’ll lose all your tabs, and more importantly you’ll lose your concentration while you load everything up again.

We’ve all been there. But recently I found a neat little trick to break out of infinite javascript alert loops in firefox:

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