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Breaking CAPTCHA without OCR

Breaking CAPTCHAs Without Using OCR
For my own PHP CAPTCHA implementation, click here.

This article details a method I have discovered to bypass CAPTCHA security, without having to use Optical Character Recognition software. It depends on an implementation problem that was quite common among CAPTCHA scripts when I originally published this in May 2005.
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Freecap Support

How to solve your freeCap problem

First of all, make sure you’re using the latest version.

Second, read the common problems below

Third, write a comment here. I’m pretty rubbish at responding, especially given that this software is four years old now, but you can hope.

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free PHP CAPTCHA v1.4.1

freecap PHP Captcha

freeCap is a GPL CAPTCHA script to stop spam. It was written as a proof-of-concept at a time when there were really no other good PHP captcha scripts around (2005). For a long time I think it’s not untrue to say freeCap was the best PHP CAPTCHA there was.

To be perfectly honest, these days I would recommend you try reCAPTCHA first. freeCap does still do the job perfectly well, but the reCAPTCHA guys can provide better support than I.

Still, freeCap might be the solution for you if you want to be able to have more control over how the CAPTCHA works and is displayed. There are a whole load of tweakable options: multiple GD fonts, colours, backgrounds, obfuscation options etc. And the code is pretty good too if you’re just interested in PHP image processing. Still interested? Read on!

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Free PHP Scripts / Web Projects

Various PHP projects of mine, with free GPL source code.

Mostly, these are small PHP/mySQL applications that provide an equally small piece of functionality. Source code is available under the GPL in most cases. Read the rest of this entry »

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