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WordPress Performance Tips

WordPress is an excellent piece of software. It helps over 27 million people publish their blogs, and people view pages on WP-hosted blogs over 2.1 billion times a month(source). I use wordpress on all my blogs. But there is growing evidence that page load times are a large contributing factor to bounce rate – those people who close your site before it’s even finished loading. As google have recently shown, the future is instant, and if your blog is taking 7 seconds to load, that could be 6.5 seconds too long for some visitors.

This blog post will teach you how to optimize wordpress performance and keep your visitors more engaged. I’ll be taking you through each step as we speed up wordpress. These tips are largely independent of the theme you’re using, and I’ll guide you through the process as simply as I can.

Setting Up – Profile Your Site.

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Fast PHP – effective optimisation and bottleneck detection

PHP is not the fastest language on earth. That honour probably goes to machine code. But like many high-level languages, PHP provides some handy abstractions, like named variables, hashmaps (associative arrays), a C-like syntax, object oriented capabilities, loose typing and so on – we trade processing speed for development ease.

So it’s quite a common problem that people find their large PHP web applications running quite slowly.

Here are some frequently encountered bottlenecks found in web applications generally, and PHP specifically:

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Google Images Link Improver WordPress Plugin

Google Images Link Improver improves the way visitors find your site by redirecting hits from google images to more relevant content on your blog.

Here’s an example of how it works on an actual google images result for “earthrise”. The user clicks the following images result:
… and here’s how the clickthrough page looks:

Before Plugin Installation

After Plugin Installation

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Firefox Extensions

Firefox has been a massively innovative browser; bringing tabbed browsing and plugins to the masses. Here I list what I consider to be essential firefox plugins (aka extensions). This list is quite old now and some of these have been incorporated into firefox. I’ll be writing an updated list soon, in the meantime, let me know in the comments what extensions/plugins/tweaks and hacks you love!

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