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Duncan Bannatyne live-tweeting kidnapping threat

Duncan Bannatyne has been live-tweeting about a threat to his daughter which he received via email and twitter. The first message was posted on popular text-sharing site pastebin (favourite medium of lulzsec and anonymous), and read:

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Top 2009 Facebook Status Trends

As google release their annual zeitgeist, and many other sites prepare interesting stats on web usage, facebook have today done the same and released an fascinating insight into the top facebook status update topics of 2009:

Facebook Status Trends
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PHP 5.3.0 Released!

If you’re still stuck in the old PHP 4 days, please please please take today’s release of PHP 5.3.0 as your cue to start learning about the wonderful world of object oriented PHP 5.

5.3.0 isn’t a hugely interesting release, but getting your PHP4 code compatible with 5 will ease the process when PHP 6 comes along. PHP6 is really where it’s at:

What’s out:
No more register_globals (finally)
No more magic_quotes (you kinda liked magic quotes? Admittedly it was handy, but when you think about it, having code that may or may not be sanitised depending on a php.ini setting is a Bad Ideaâ„¢)
No more HTTP_GET_VARS and cousins. Just change to $_GET etc and you’re fine.

What’s in:
A bunch of minor fixes aaand:
Namespaces – so we can section off bits of code properly. Woohoo! more info here.

Short post today I know, but I’ve got some real coding to do :) If you’re not doing anything better, go download PHP and have a play with it.

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Facebook Username Vanity URLs

This has been brewing for quite a few days now, but when you next log in to facebook you’ll see that it’s official: We’re going to get usernames:

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