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Textpad PHP manual lookup tool

A little tip for those of us using textpad to develop in PHP. How often do you find yourself having to go back to to check up on a function – is it ($needle, $haystack) or ($haystack, $needle)? I can never remember! With this tool I just need to highlight the function in textpad, press Ctrl-1 and up pops in a new tab, opened on that function’s manual entry. Neat huh?

Here’s how:

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Prevent RSI with WorkRave

harness the healing power of sheep with Workrave

harness the healing power of sheep with Workrave

For the last few months, I’ve been using workrave on my windows machine to remind me to take regular breaks.

I know we’ve all seen similar software floating about the net for years, and like me you probably thought “oh cool, I’ll use that some day”. Well make today that day!

Honestly, it’s just a really nifty little app. Admittedly, most of the time I just hit “skip break” instead of actually taking the 30 second micro-break it suggests, but it’s there as a reminder that I should be taking breaks.

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Neat Windows Tools

Most of these tools have a computer security slant, some cannot be classified under any other term than ‘hacking tools’, so be careful when running them, especially if you don’t know what they do. Tools that interact with a network in a potentially dangerous way are marked with ‘D’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Setting up a WAMP Server by hand

This article will step through what you need to do get WAMP (Windows, Apache, mySQL, PHP) running on windows 2000, 98 or XP. (It might work with Vista, ME or 95, but I don’t promise anything)

By the end, you’ll have a versatile tool that will allow you to:

-host your own website (permanent internet connection preferable)
-learn a basic programming language (PHP)
-learn about relational databases (mySQL)
-learn about server config on the industry standard webserver (apache)

all without having to install a new operating system.

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win32 C / C++ scripts

Some of the better scripts I’ve written. They’re all command line utilities. The downloads come with code (compiles OK with lcc) and windows executables.

Everything is released under the GPL as usual.
I’m very much a beginner in C so the coding probably isn’t that great. I hope someone will find something here useful. Most of the code is my own work, and where I’ve used other people’s code I’ve commented it as such. Read the rest of this entry »

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