gDrive is a set of PHP files to store files of any size in your gMail account. Other gmail drives are limited by gMail’s max 10Mb/attachment. I wrote it in my first or second year of university (can’t remember which) and it became quite popular for a while. But it’s basically a hacked together proof of concept rather than a complete working application. These days I’d recommend Dropbox for free online storage :)

Development has basically stopped on gDrive, the current version does not work as is, but the latest version of libgmailer fixes it. see the comments page for support. One day I will release version 0.7, when I’m bored and have a few days spare :-) The code is still here for you to look at. It might be interesting to browse through!

gDrive 0.6 features
- upload / download files of any size
- delete files
- keep regular emails in the same account
- compresses uploaded files (decompresses on download)
- displays space remaining
- send files to other gMail accounts*
- forward stored files to other gMail accounts*
*requires the other accounts to use gDrive


This app uses the excellent libgmailer from gmail-lite.

coming soon(ish)…maybe
- encrypt sent files (gpg/des/???)
- forward files as regular attachments
- “share it” link (thanks to promanex for the suggestion)
- multi-user ability
- enhance GUI
- your ideas? add a comment!
- can’t wait for me to do it? well, source code is provided…

read this before you use
- you need a PHP enabled un*x webserver. Try for a free host that supports gDrive (thanks Lafie)
- the demo may disappear without warning or break randomly.
- gMail is beta. gDrive is beta. I do not recommend you use gDrive for important files.
- using gDrive may violate the google / gmail Terms of Use. Personally, I can see nothing in there that would constitute such a violation, but you never know.
- version 0.6 is not compatible with prior versions. sorry.
- if you modify the code, send me a copy and it might make it into a future version (with full credit to you, of course)
- gDrive is not endorsed in any way by google, I am not associated with google in any way. gDrive is not made by google, google didn’t make gDrive.

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  1. #1 by Ekin Ertaç on May 26, 2009 - 2:37 am

    it’s really great script and so useful.
    but if you add a loading bar while uploading it will bil absolutely perfect script.
    i tried some modifications for loading bar but i screwed up.
    i hope u can do

  2. #2 by IIGIS on June 18, 2009 - 11:02 pm

    gdrive download

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