Small PHP Tools

Here I present various online web applications that you can use from your browser. In most cases, PHP source code is provided.

If there’s an app here that you want the source to, email me.

tells you, for instance, that the .am TLD is for Armenia
(no source)

A PHP geolocation script – you give it the IP, it tells you where it is. Updates DB every week.
thanks to for the free database!

Hash Calculator
Performs the following functions on the input string: SHA1, md5, crc16, crc32, mySQL password, b64, ezmlm, soundex, metaphone.

JPG Maker Info
Reads EXIF data from a JPG to tell you which program was used to create the image.

Extract Strings
Lists all readable strings in a file. Useful for investigating exes.
(no source)

The simplest of codes: a=n, b=m, etc. useful for obscuring spoilers in forums, chatrooms, etc.
(how to do this in PHP)

Morse Code
A javascript implementation of morse code which allows you to use other characters than . and -

Vigenere Cipher
A PHP implementation of the vigenere cipher.

Generates randomish passwords like meweru58 or 48vegofi. It alternates between vowels and consonants, in the hope that the passwords will be pronouncable, therefore more memorable.

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