PHP 5.3.0 Released!

If you’re still stuck in the old PHP 4 days, please please please take today’s release of PHP 5.3.0 as your cue to start learning about the wonderful world of object oriented PHP 5.

5.3.0 isn’t a hugely interesting release, but getting your PHP4 code compatible with 5 will ease the process when PHP 6 comes along. PHP6 is really where it’s at:

What’s out:
No more register_globals (finally)
No more magic_quotes (you kinda liked magic quotes? Admittedly it was handy, but when you think about it, having code that may or may not be sanitised depending on a php.ini setting is a Bad Ideaâ„¢)
No more HTTP_GET_VARS and cousins. Just change to $_GET etc and you’re fine.

What’s in:
A bunch of minor fixes aaand:
Namespaces – so we can section off bits of code properly. Woohoo! more info here.

Short post today I know, but I’ve got some real coding to do :) If you’re not doing anything better, go download PHP and have a play with it.

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