Google Images Link Improver WordPress Plugin

Google Images Link Improver improves the way visitors find your site by redirecting hits from google images to more relevant content on your blog.

Here’s an example of how it works on an actual google images result for “earthrise”. The user clicks the following images result:
… and here’s how the clickthrough page looks:

Before Plugin Installation

After Plugin Installation

Without the wordpress plugin installed, the user has to scroll through miles of content before they find the image they’re looking for – it’s very likely they’ll just leave in disgust.

With Google Images Link Improver, the user is shown the relevant image straight away, without ever even knowing they’ve been redirected!  Improve your search engine optimisation on google images, lower your bounce rate, connect searchers with your content :)

Download the Google Images Link Improver wordpress plugin.


  1. Simply extract the zip file (how?) and upload the files to your wordpress blog (how?), in the following folder: /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Now log in to your wordpress admin dashboard, and navigate to the plugins menu (
    Under “Inactive Plugins”, you’ll see an entry for “Google Images Link Improver”, something like this:
  3. Click “Activate”

That’s IT!

Now when your blog recieves a hit from google images, the Google Images Link Improver wordpress plugin will examine the keywords and image filename from google images and redirect the user to the search page with those terms as the query, thus ensuring that the user is taken to the most relevant page on your blog.

There are some settings you can use to change the way Google Images Link Improver redirects users:

If the user searched Google Images for “cute puppy pictures” and found “bobby_the_wonder_dog_231.jpg” from your site, then:

  • Using Original Google Query – The user is taken to your search page with the query “cute puppy pictures”.
  • Using Filename (exact) – The user is taken to your search page with the query “bobby_the_wonder_dog_231″.
  • Using Filename (as query) – The user is taken to your search page with the query “bobby the wonder dog”.

I recommend using Filename (exact), but you can adjust it to better suit your own blog.

If you find the plugin useful, why not write up a quick post about it, links are always appreciated! :D

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