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Duncan Bannatyne live-tweeting kidnapping threat

Duncan Bannatyne has been live-tweeting about a threat to his daughter which he received via email and twitter. The first message was posted on popular text-sharing site pastebin (favourite medium of lulzsec and anonymous), and read:

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Complete list of #JS1k tweet-sized entries

The #JS1k contest ended last night. It challenged web coders to write some interesting JavaScript in 1 kilobyte (1024 bytes) or less. That script is put into a basic html page which includes a canvas element and not much else. It’s a pretty crazy challenge – 1k is not a lot of code – and there are some really clever micro-optimisations going on in some of the entries.

But the homepage also states “Bonus points if your submission fits in one tweet ;)“. Now that’s a whole other level of madness. Useful code in 140 bytes? You’ve barely enough room to find the canvas element, let alone do anything with it!

So I decided to make an (unofficial) list of all the entries that are or claim to be tweet-sized. The current js1k homepage doesn’t offer a way to filter entries by size (hint, hint!), so I think this is pretty useful. I listed my own tweetable entries in an earlier post.

Also, I’m giving a copy of Douglas Crockford’s “Javascript: The Good Parts” as a prize for entry that the judges deem is the best of the tweetable ones. I think it’s a fitting prize, packing a whole lot of awesome into a thin package ;)

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