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JS1k Winners – Top Ten Entries

So, the JS1k contest is over and the winners are finally in! What a fantastic event this has been, massive thanks to all the organisers and judges, and to all the entrants for putting on a great show, I can’t think of a single entry I wouldn’t have been proud to have written myself, and some of the entries were simply amazing.

The judges did a brilliant (and difficult!) job of ranking the entries and choosing their top ten. I’ve compiled the entries into a list below, and you can click through to the demos themselves from here. I read on twitter that the official site will be updated tonight, so check back at for the full scoop :)

If this is the first you’ve heard of the contest, head over to and browse through all the entries. I also compiled a list of all the tweet-sized entries, as I’m buying a copy of Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript:The Good Parts as a prize for the best tweetable entry. Have a look at my own tweetable entries too.

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Writing a JavaScript app in 10k (#aea10k)

Two weeks ago I discovered the 10k JavaScript contest organised by An Event Apart. It challenged developers to “inspire the web with just 10K”. I knew I’d be cutting things fine with just 11 days left before the deadline (including 5 at work and 3 on holiday!) but I was desperate to enter an application.

You can play with the final entry right here – – voting closes today so please be generous with your votes and comments. I’ve literally just now come back from holiday so I haven’t had a chance to badger everyone to vote yet. Go and vote! ;)

The idea’s been kicking around my head for a while: Read the rest of this entry »

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