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How many squares can you see?

Only 12% of people got the right answer to this puzzle. I know this because I pulled the data out of the facebook comments and analysed it myself. This is what this blog post details. So, answer it yourself before reading on because the answer’s in bold if you scroll past the image. Spoiler alert.

I saw this image and caption on facebook recently:

Everyone here at my place is talking about this right now.
The best answer we have is 24. How many squares do you see?

I like these sort of puzzles, so I spent a few seconds enumerating all possible combinations, double checked and went to post a comment to that effect. I then saw that it had 40926 comments, and I was surprised to see that none of the ones I could see on screen had the right answer, so I decided to pull out some data from the comments to see what the answer-space looked like. I was very surprised by the results.

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